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Exhibition Chang Dong

2016-06-23 | 2234 Hit

Exhibition Chang Dong

Artist books, Sculptures, Drawings, Paintings and Video Installations by

Christoph ESSER (Germany), Ksenia GALIAEVA (Netherlands/Russia), Linda HAVENSTEIN (Germany), Jakub HOSEK (Czech Republic), JIN Dallae & PARK Woohyuk (Korea), Nestor KOVACHEV (Austria/Bulgaria), Nika OBLAK & Primoz NOVAK (Slovenia), Marc OOSTING (Netherlands)


7th July → 20th August 2016

@ Korean Cultural Center

Open Monday → Saturday

9 am → 5pm

Opening night Thursday 7th July 2016:

6 pm: Conference (in English - Reservation required:

02 274 2980 - info@kccbrussels.be)

7 pm: Vernissage (No reservation required)


The most important mission of the Korean Cultural Center is to nurture a cultural dialogue between Korea and Europe. This objective will be fully embodied by the Center’s Summer exhibition, presenting 8 European and 2 Korean artists. What they have in common, is a joint artistic odyssey in Korea.


The artists on display met in 2015 by an initiative of the Korean Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA). They were invited to set up a makeshift atelier in “Chang Dong”, a neighborhood close to the Museum. The Korean environment, the host city of Seoul, and the interaction with fellow program participants from around the world was aimed to inspire for the creation of exciting new art.


The artists who participated in the program, from Germany, Netherlands/Russia, Czech Republic, Austria/Bulgaria, Slovenia and South Korea, still feeling brotherly connected today, will now join the Korean Cultural Center of Brussels with the exhibition “Chang Dong”.


We invite you on the opening night on 7th July. At 6 pm, a Conference will be organized in presence of the artists Christoph ESSER, Ksenia GALIAEVA, Linda HAVENSTEIN, Nestor KOVACHEV, Primoz NOVAK et Marc OOSTING, which will be an ideal occasion to exchange experiences and views. The conference will be followed by the exhibition opening, at 7 pm.

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